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File: 1574380699794.jpg (60.96 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, 1569554036323.jpg)


how are my /uw/ frens doing tonight?


Ay fren how's it going? Up to my ass in assignments, need a shitpost break. You?


File: 1574381135217.jpg (36.32 KB, 655x527, 655:527, 1569296729683.jpg)

same here. always busy this time of year desu
interesting site you have here! still getting used to the look. hopefully some more /uw/ frens join us.


Why thank you. It's a comfy little corner of the internet. I do hope some people show up, otherwise there won't be much purpose to this board. Been working around different places for years, thought why not make my own


Doing good. Get to hang out with my laurier frens tonight, so its a good day


>Laurier friends



File: 1574382510023.png (232.7 KB, 502x406, 251:203, 1569604513986.png)

>laurier frens
don't you mean normies?




They might be normies but they are my frens


File: 1574383345163.png (5.97 KB, 296x375, 296:375, 1494531979124.png)

>having frens


File: 1574383884683.png (98.73 KB, 1267x785, 1267:785, 1560467041684.png)

/uw/ frens are all i need
screw normies


me on the right




I'm a benis because you are what you eat


tits with timestamp or gtfo


probably just a fag


File: 1574385433396.jpg (11.05 KB, 216x233, 216:233, 1574206901678.jpg)

hi frens i bought pissa anyone want some?


ew no I'm just being faggy

is it campus pizza or twice the deal


>ew no I'm just being faggy
i really thought that if i couldn't find a gf on r/uwaterloo, i might be able to find one on /uw/
but alas..


I've had one gf who goes here and it ended up being the worst decision I made anon, don't worry.

Also there's no girls on the internet, let alone on an imageboard.


File: 1574385755906.gif (242.46 KB, 498x338, 249:169, 1574388923498.gif)

whatever kind of pizza you want it to be fren!


File: 1574385825040.jpg (142.15 KB, 500x682, 250:341, 9bd6J.jpg)

Hell yeah twice the deal it is, based

thank you pizza bro!


File: 1574385899222.jpg (86.73 KB, 285x452, 285:452, 1571435078208.jpg)

>I've had one gf
One more than I've ever had…


File: 1574385984035.jpg (97.83 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, poster,840x830,f8f8f8-pad,….jpg)

I know anon, I know. Nice dubs though



/uw/ is pretty comfy so far
the subreddit is just too boring. reddit in general. i prefer this even if there's just gonna be like 10 of us lol.


So I assume you lads browse 4chan? What boards are you guys from?


When there's 10 of us it's easier to have meaningful conversation without up/downvotes to mediate it. It is pretty comfy here, it's not like the larger imageboards where it's a shitfest and basically just reddit all over again.

Only 4chan board I still check on the regular is /tv/. Other than that it's mostly arisuchan, sportschan, finalchan, 420chan


Best shitposting board desu.

I'm mostly /biz/ with a bit of /lit/ and some /pol/ thrown in occasionally. I don't really get around to the other chans much.


Went to shit in 2016 desu senpai. I used to find the ironic racism fun but then people who were serious came in and just made it weird

Is /biz/ still spammed with pink Wojaks?


Mostly /fit/ and /pol/


I unironically use /fa/ and complain about shitty outfits I see on campus all the time


Yeah /pol/ went kind of meh after 2016. I still check it out here and there.

And yeah /biz/ still has its fair share of pink wojaks, even today. Although its not as bad as 2018. There's more optimism now, crypto could see major gains in the next 2 years again, like in 2017.

based. i checked out /fit/ when i first started lifting but don't check it regularly anymore. seems like a fun board.


do you rant about the rich asians? desu i respect them for putting in the effort for 8:30 am classes, even if they're not really original.


There's a bitcoin atm in Farrah's in case people don't know, you can directly purchase bitcoin there.


Nah I could care less about them, that's a common thing over where they are. It's more the people walking around like they just spent the last week sleeping behind a dumpster with gear lab guy or the girls in socks and sandals.


>sub already doing damage control calling this place a dumpster fire


yeah, although bitcoin atm's have fees. kind of meh.
also, i'm mostly in altcoins. bitcoin doesn't have that much upside potential anymore.

yeah desu especially the white girls, they always wear socks and sandals. qt asian girls usually have their outfits on point though.

kek really?
retarded redditors probably can't even figure out how to post here.


Yeah it's always the white chicks, I don't get it. If I were female and walked out like that I'd be pretty embarrassed.


I'm not very good with crypto but bitcoin still looks the most promising to me with how it's remained (relatively) stable. Like I've checked out ethereum and litecoin but they don't seem very promising. I'm not arguing because you probably know, I'm more asking.


Bitcoin is still of course great. It's still the most important crypto. It's just that you aren't exactly going to make a lot of money if you throw a few grand into it. It's good if you don't like risk and are investing for the longer term.

Assuming there's another bullrun like in 2017, altcoins will perform far better and have much bigger gains. /biz/ has a really good track record of finding these altcoin gems early (as opposed to reddit who doesn't kek). Most of them the average crypto normie hasn't heard about, let alone actual normies.

I'm just hoping crypto does work out to save me from wageslavery.

Well they all have like 10 chads at a finger's tap away on tinder, I really don't think they care about what they look like in public.


Huh, I see. Well what coins specifically seem promising?


File: 1574388567805.png (33.99 KB, 884x185, 884:185, 1573849782334.png)

lmao didn't think i'd have this conversation here tonight of all places.
Pic related sums it up pretty well. Chainlink ($LINK) has been /biz/'s crypto for the last year or so. It's performed the best in a market that's slaughtered most altcoins. Do your own research though. Not gonna post anymore than that, at the risk of shitting up this board or sounding like a shill. Head over to /biz/ but be wary, it's mostly shitposts and irony at this point, since everything is boring.


Don't worry anon, you don't sound like a shill, I was just curious since I know little about it. Thanks for the info!


File: 1574388763808.jpg (52.32 KB, 1182x754, 591:377, 1569269578543.jpg)

thanks fren

i should get back to working on some assignments, but this board is too much fun!


Get your work done anon! Thanks, you've been really interesting to talk to! Might I even say based.


File: 1574918996781.png (594.62 KB, 648x756, 6:7, 1562385785735.png)

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