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/s/ is a board where users can freely talk about themselves/their lives/anything they find interesting. It's sort of like /b/, but more focused on individuals.

Shitposting is discouraged as all other boards already allow it.

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I've come to realize that I'm a really lonely person. Not that I have a lack of friends, but more that I can't really open up to others. I guess I'm pretty good at coping with it, if I'm only realizing it now. Still, it really sucks to not have someone to talk to. I've never found someone I felt I could depend on or lower my guard to.
>inb4 a friend of mine gives me shit over this
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If, as you said before, "now isn't the time for friendship" then you oughta use this time to take care of yourself. I'm not in your shoes, so I can't tell you what you need, but that should be your top priority.


I've been working on it. I've been getting exercise everyday, and I've been considering my options in going forward.
I guess being lonely isn't a big issue for me, but it was a pretty sudden realization of something that goes back a long time.


proud of you for trying! do your best <3


welp, how knows. if you say you're doing well maybe you don't really need to. there's not enough time on this planet to worry about all the things you do differently from other people


There's a strange sort of somberness to not having anyone to talk to. I'm not sure loneliness fully describes the feeling.
I think I understand how you feel though OP, though I'm not sure I can offer any healthy ways to deal with it.
I suppose if you think you've been coping well with it, then that's a good thing.
Sorry if this was incomprehensible or hard to follow, I'm hungover as shit.

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I fucking love pic rel, hasn't failed to make me both depressed and excited at the same time.


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I find /bant/'s old obsession with Cirno interesting honestly. How can a small part of the internet become so obsessed with a video game character that managed to get associated with some arbitrary numbers? It seems so frivolous, but it was somehow fun despite that. I wonder if arbitrary stuff like this happens in other small corners of the internet?
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cirno? more like grosso


ok that was just rude


cirno more like slutno


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Anyone who graduated, how did you deal with uni/college coming to an end? I'm almost done and feel like I've only just started to adjust to post-secondary life and don't feel ready at all to let this place go.

Raccoon unrelated.


I'd like to hear an answer to this as well.


Fuck this fucking shit everything fucked
finals: fucked
band: fucked
projects: fucked
presentations: fucked
job market:fucked
enjoying my time as a senior in college before i join the work force:fucked
seeing my gf more than once every 2 months:fucked
not being fat:fucked
cyberpunk 2077:fucked
this beautiful country:fucked
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I know that feel friend. Just a few weeks before lockdown, I had finally gotten over a Magnesium deficiency issue which lead to heart palpitations so bad that I was mostly bedridden for the last half of 2019.

Sorry especially about your gf and losing out on getting to enjoy the last year of college life. It all just ends up feeling gone before you know it. I just keep praying that vaccine works and come out soon, I don't care whether it's made by the Illuminati JooLizardMasons or not, I just want a reason to feel that getting through the previous year alive wasn't some big monkey's paw.

Also, what kind of guitar do you play? My Midi got me through high school sane.


Fuck man, I've had minor heart palps before and am always a baby about them, can't imagine how shitty that must have been in comparison, glad you're feeling better


I feel better now, but I have so much I have to do this week, i have 2 HWs, 4 finals, 3 final projects AHHHH


File: 1605750017609.mp4 (6.84 MB, 640x360, 16:9, shits_fucked.mp4)

>Fuck this fucking shit everything fucked


wow, its been a while since ive seen this.

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This place feels more like a discord server than a image board alternative


I still prefer it to a Discord server. I think it's inevitable when you're posting alongside people who can't be any older than 25.


>This place feels more like a discord server than a image board alternative
Then what is my role? How come I have not been assigned a role?


discord is abhorrent and full of pedos, this place is just shitposting



Moved to >>>/reap/277.


Stories about your experience with depression and mental illness

File: 1602448248323.jpg (69.11 KB, 679x804, 679:804, image0.jpg)



You don't, you're destined to be alone forever and so am I


I was in your position a few years ago. My first suggestion would be to go seek professional help if you have the recourses ofc! If not, I found volunteering helped to build my social skills and be more confident, it also gave me a routine and something to look forward to. Again, this really depends if you have access to it or the spare time. I hope this helped a little, and didn't come off as patronising.


I can vouch for volunteering helping a ton. Not only did it get me out of my shell a fair bit, I made a few good friends doing it


thank you all i really appreciate the advice

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why am I so fucking anxious over literally nothing what the fuck


Whenever you are anxious about something, what do you think of? Concentrate on them and you will find what is missing from your life.


No, sounds anxiety disorder. See professional help.


Maybe you have agoraphobia idk

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