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I am so depressed anxious I don't have friends how do I make frinds /s/?

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why am I so fucking anxious over literally nothing what the fuck
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I find /bant/'s old obsession with Cirno interesting honestly. How can a small part of the internet become so obsessed with a video game character that managed to get associated with some arbitrary numbers? It seems so frivolous, but it was somehow fun despite that. I wonder if arbitrary stuff like this happens in other small corners of the internet?
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New board!

/s/ is a board where users can freely talk about themselves/their lives/anything they find interesting. It's sort of like /b/, but more focused on individuals.

Shitposting is discouraged as all other boards already allow it.
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I cannot seem to choose between living a normal happy life where I feel like I'm doing nothing or living a life of tears and pain where I can actually do something useful
Now that I explicitly typed it out in a full sentence it seems blatantly obvious that no sane man should be capable of choosing between these things