1. Do not upload, post, request, or link to anything that violates local, United States or Canadian law.
2. No advertising or spamming.* If you want to promote your imageboard on Grimchan, please join the telegram group and ask ahead or your post will be deleted.
3. Do not post personal information/doxxing of individuals.
4. Absolutely no jailbait, sexual pictures of children, or loli.
5. Avatarfags may have one containment thread, more threads centered around them will be considered spam under rule 2.
6. Do not file false/troll reports of posts, it bogs down moderators who have actual work to do.

Breaking any of these rules will result in deletion of the offending post and a ban. If you believe you have been banned unjustly, please message the Telegram group, joinable by

Please note that all boards are NSFW for the sake of allowing free speech, but blatant porn dumps/obscene content will be deleted.

* Grimchan defines spam as a post that is obviously corporate/advertising in nature, repeated 2+ times across multiple boards, or meant to derail/destabilize the website through floods/calls to invasion.