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cock and balls

File: 1574348210055.jpg (226.64 KB, 600x839, 600:839, 2010-04-06_101703_Skeleton….jpg)


Welcome to the official board suggestion thread! Suggest your ideas for boards here. If you see a suggestion you like, give that post a (you). If there's enough interest, we'll make a trial board.


File: 1574349495383.png (283.7 KB, 528x514, 264:257, 1574238384365.png)

Programming board


big (you), /g/ sounds comfy


File: 1574362181236.png (314.95 KB, 663x450, 221:150, 1573429211853.png)

Wildcard board, with topics which change periodically


I really like this idea personally. I've seen this implemented on a few sites and it can be cool. I'll definitely consider this.


Do you guys want a Canada board? We have a lot of Cucknadians myself included and it might be nice bantz.


File: 1574704649619-1.png (163.03 KB, 1101x1176, 367:392, 1495476236814.png)

File: 1574704649619-2.png (15.49 KB, 634x583, 634:583, 1495599203572.png)

File: 1574704649620-3.png (135.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1552422091018.png)

File: 1574704649620-4.jpg (42.76 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1500525646847.jpg)

you guys could very easily colonize /int/, but if you wanna try it that could be cool


90% of the international subject matter here is related to Canada in some way so idk. For now I'll just let us keep leeching, but maybe some day I'll just add its own board if the shitposting gets too hard.


Sounds alright to me, your imageboard after all.


Unrelated to boards sort of but do you people want an irc? Nobody is joining the telegram.

No I will not make a fucking discord, before someone asks


File: 1574750512314.png (30.61 KB, 499x1072, 499:1072, gb2 Discord.png)

Yes please, I'm on IRC chats quite often.
>No I will not make a fucking discord
Thank god.


Alright, I'll tentatively put a channel up. I won't be setting up a dedicated server though, as the server Grimchan is hosted on is shared with another project and that would probably cause bandwidth concerns. So I'd likely use mibbit.


Server: irc.mibbit.net/6667
Channel: #grimchan

There's a link on the board list if anyone forgets. I might not always be in there but I'll try to be around often.


What's grim's opinion on a board for locked and deleted posts/threads? I feel like so long as there's no illegal content, it's good to convey a public image of transparency in moderation and it would also be a good place to refer to and see exactly what kind of posting crosses the line.


Almost all the posts I delete are blatantly illegal content and porn. And generally I think the rules are pretty clear about what's allowed. Posts are generally deleted for a reason, if someone's confused it's pretty simple to just ask.


I dont know much about hosting an IRC chat but if you’d like I can try to figure it out so we can have a chat that’s up most of the time and wouldn’t strain your bandwith.


You'd need your own VPS, that's the main issue.


Ah, that’s not something I can afford at the moment. There goes that idea.
For now I’ll just continue making banners while I think of other OC to make.


Yeah of course! The mibbit's up and I'm on there right now, anyway, and the channel is fully registered. A couple friends of mine are hosting other places on this site's VPS so we don't want to go over bandwidth limits.


I can set up an irc server on the sportschan vps


Will the IRC ever come back online or was it just too dead?


Yeah it had like 3 users on average so it wasn't really worth keeping, unless a bunch of people had an interest there ain't much point

finalchan has a rather nice irc though.


I'm really high right now and I decided to try out all the styles
The V8ch style has a very minor problem

If you select it the thread reply box seems to lock itself to the bottomright of the screen, which means you can't change styles anymore since it seems to cover the styles listbox


Also the rugby style is a bit gay but that's okay



I've noticed that, I'm gonna delete the style tbh. Nobody else used it so I was lazy about it.

As for rugby, you can thank dddudeman from 76chan (rip) for providing that


ripperoni in pepperoni with four kinds of cheese


What are the four cheeses. Tell me. TELL ME NOW. LIST THEM.



you didn't hear this from me but
mozarrella for consistency
parmezan for flavor
gorgonzola for zest
and lastly goat cheese because the stracchino is in the trash where it belongs




fucking hell anon, you cracked the code


File: 1584970676269.jpg (23.03 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1584281051967.jpg)

Uggghhhhhh can we have a culture board? Or something?


We already have /int/, don't we?


Culture as literature x cinematography x architecture x music etc.


How about you make a general on /b/? If it gets big enough we can make a board.


File: 1585069844451.jpg (39.29 KB, 400x450, 8:9, 1579654155665.jpg)

I doubt that would have much effect on board that usually represents the wildest forms of shitposting there are but I'll try I guess


Is there a way to view Grimchan's posting stats? I'm curious to see the average # of posts this chan gets.


I don't have it enabled but I can certainly look into it.


It's not something I'd be able to enable myself without illu, our other admin's help. And his computer is borked. I'll keep trying to look into this though, no promises I can get it going.

In other news, how would you guys feel about a textboard? If there's interest I'd do it, a lot of smaller places are implementing them.


I'm not so sure if a textboard is necessary for Grimchan. I mean, it might cater to a few select people, but most of us seem fine with every board allowing images.


Alright, works for me.


>>27 bump for wild card board


People seem to forget that we had this, /z/, for a good couple months and nobody posted to it despite us doing topics based off strawpolls. But I mean if people will bother with it this time then sure.


That was almost a year ago though, wasn't it?


You guys should close your SSH port since it is currently open to anyone, also i would recommend hardening your Ubuntu installation you run this website on,


We have other measures in place when it comes to SSH, we've got that covered. Thanks though.


Is this the hacker known as 4chan?


By the way, while I appreciate the security testing, I think it'd be much more appropriate if you contacted us from some of the other places mentioned on the site rather than making a post out in the open. You know, in case of sensitive info. Still appreciate the concern regardless.

I thought he was busy stealing flags

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