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File: 1622212003564.jpg (64.86 KB, 933x718, 933:718, IMG_2817.JPG)


>be me
>be american
god i fucking hate it here.


at least you're not canadian.


if u dont mind me saying, ppl always talk about how nice you guys are, but the indigenous populations seem to disagree..does canada suck that bad?


Everyone is passive aggressive in Canada lol. I don't know where the niceness stereotype came from.


probably minnesota


shit, fr? well i guess u cant expect an entire country to be nice.
i live in the south and its so boring, i mean, sometimes you can find something nice to do but a lot of people are ignorant assholes. whats it like where any other posters live?


There's a lot to do in Chicago, but a lot of people just keep to themselves. You won't find many assholes but you also won't find many kindhearted people.


Man. Chicago is notorious for crime tho. Ever been robbed? I’ve actually never been there lol.


Not once. Stick to the right streets and don't stay out until like 2 am. Being tall and muscular also helps.
It's a nice enough place. Greektown has one of the biggest Orthodox churches I've ever seen in my life, there's the Museum of Science & Industry, actually we have a fuckton of museums. There's also the FUCKING BEAN, tourists love that and the Navy Pier for some reason, never understood why.


File: 1622492651658.jpg (69.59 KB, 700x487, 700:487, the-bean-sculpture-cloud-g….jpg)

tall? muscular? im 4'11 and 3/8ths of an inch lol…
and be nice to the bean!!! its a fucking BEAN dude, how can you NOT love it?


The homeless people in Chicago really piss me off. I can't even imagine how bad it must be living near the slums in San Fransisco or LA


tbh id be pretty pissed if i was homeless but i get where ur coming from


File: 1622738538796.png (2.39 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, creepy-wp-3.png)

could we exchange?


cool pic but i cant tell what that flag is..sorry my white person is probably showing hardcord rn its been a long day


It's India, just hover over the flag with ur mouse


ah shit. thanks
is india rlly that bad rn??


>is india rlly that bad rn??
no worse than usual, lol. It can be relatively comfy depending on where you live, though.


File: 1622825319998.jpg (323.36 KB, 1080x1957, 1080:1957, yt-wiles.jpg)

How are things where you live?


aw man. sorry to hear if its not that great.


eh, same as usual. no one wearing their masks for whatever reason. either raining super hard or hot as satans asshole. at least there are some cool thrift stores.
god, out of all the places to live, it had to be the bumfuck south…
sorry if i sound bitchy rn, im kinda pissed lol


>no one wearing masks for some reasons

Probably because they're vaccinated


I hope your weather gets better, anon. It was hot as fuck over here until like a week ago but now it's pretty cool. It even rained a couple times.
>god, out of all the places to live, it had to be the bumfuck south…
Lol, is rural america that bad? I thought it'd be amazing living in the middle of nowhere with nothing but open land for miles around. Certainly less depressing than living in an overpopulated city, no?


i fucking wish that was the case, but i KNOW these people aren't. i know my community too well lol, bunch of asshole rednecks


well im a bit afraid to say this unless i get doxxed or smth, but as a gay person the south is not very fun hahaha, its p conservative here and i generally just dont like a lot of people. i guess it depends what youre used to. still, its not always terrible, because theres a handful of nice stores around here. i actually always wanted to live in the city, the only problem is whenever i go to nyc (where id like to live) the air feels so smokey and you cant see the stars


>being worried about being doxxed/having to live elsewhere just because you enjoy pp in the butt

I will never understand why people care so much about that sort of thing, when it comes to other people. It doesn't affect their lives.


I assume it's pretty difficult to find a bf as well. I hope things get better for you, anon.
>whenever i go to nyc (where id like to live) the air feels so smokey and you cant see the stars
Yeah, cities are beyond terrible for stargazing. I went camping in the middle of nowhere with a Dobsonian once. It was absolutely amazing seeing the messier objects with a proper telescope. Have you ever done any stargazing, anon?

Yeah, I've never understood it either. What are people gonna do with my IP address? Try to hack my router for no reason?


File: 1623100304325.png (1.03 KB, 99x56, 99:56, anime to cannibalism.png)

awww you guys are so nice, that actually made me laugh lol, even tho im a woman.
id like to stargaze but i actually get super impatient easily lmfao. i did use to go camping when i was in girl scouts, man, that was fun. we did archery and all sorts of shit, plus the food we cooked was surprisingly good. do you have any pics of the stars from ur trip anon?


>in this place

I didn't realize women could fall this far.
Well anyway, pp in the butt or puss in the face, who fucking cares. Never understood why people freak out about that sort of thing. Nobody freaks out about other shit that's way worse.


File: 1623167805923.png (249.13 KB, 1080x1480, 27:37, carruth-twitter-strangle.png)

I thought you were a guy, lol.
>i did use to go camping when i was in girl scouts, man, that was fun. we did archery and all sorts of shit, plus the food we cooked was surprisingly good.
That sounds pretty cool. Is archery difficult? The only archery I've ever done was on my wii when I was a kid and I terrible at it, lol.
> do you have any pics of the stars from ur trip anon?
Sorry anon, don't have them. I have no clue where the hard drive containing those files is now.


"i didnt realize women could fall this far" LMFAO
thanks for being nice tho


oh yeah, my dad and i would always win the competitions. he always went with me on the trips and we were pretty good actually! probably lots of luck, but it was fun. or maybe the other girls just sucked lol


Wew, that's cool. You and your dad were a team?
I mostly just watched TV with my dad, lol


i got my sense of tv from my dad. hes not the best with emotions but he loved scary things and bond films. im the same.


same but it could always be worse….


Lol, I haven't seen a single Bond movie. I've seen a lot of horror movies but not a single one has scared me. Coherence managed to spook me out more than any horror film and Coherence isn't even horror.
Jump-scares have scared me and gore has made me squeamish, but they don't count.


is this the only thread on /int/ that's remotely alive, lol?


/int/ is a pretty dead board. It used to be pretty active when /bant/ randomly invaded.


psych horror has always been better than jumpscare horror. for me, the lodge got me pretty good, ESPECIALLY towards the end. i loved those references to the shinning since thats my favorite film.
as much as gore/torture porn is looked down on in horror communities (and it's certainly not the same artistic level as psych horror) i kinda enjoy it since i was raised on slasher films lol. what horror movies do you like?


also, sorry for the double msg, but most of the old ones are too long and kinda racist. goldeneye is a good classic, but in my opinion the modern craig era is the best. ive seen skyfall 20+ times lol, it's a comfort movie


Yeah. Jumpscares only stick with you for a few seconds while psych horror sticks with you and makes you mull over it before sleeping. I didn't grow up watching much gore so it makes me pretty squeamish. I could barely get through some parts of Midsommar.

Horror is weird for me in that I like the genre but I don't like many films within the genre. The Shining and The Ring are my favourites, and I loved the first half of The Ritual. Hereditary was pretty good. The Blair Witch Project was good but I absolutely fucking hated the shaky cam.

Also, while I do love movies like The Thing, The Fly and The Cabin in the Woods, I don't consider them horror.

I haven't seen The Lodge, btw, I'll watch it when I find time.


File: 1623384293370.jpg (227.13 KB, 500x4000, 1:8, shane-hor-compressed.jpg)

The Sean Connery ones?
I don't think I've seen any movie over 20 times, lol. I rewatched Tremors a lot when I was a kid and I doubt I would've seen that more than 10 times.


Oh man, I loved Hereditary. Charlie was a lot like me lol. I couldn't get into Blair Witch to be honest, it took too long, but to be fair I was tired when I watched it, so maybe I'll give it another go sometime!
About The Ring, did you happen to watch the original Ringu? It's likely not as scary, but the story is still pretty good. Makes me sad that it got white washed.


I've seen a lot of them, classic and modern, so yeah, the Sean Connery ones too. Some of them were fun! Some of them…were certainly movies! The problem was with length.
I love Q, though, in both his older and newer adaptations.


No, I haven't seen Ringu. The only Japanese movie I've seen is Seven Samurai. I started watching Steins;Gate but gave up after the first few episodes. I found it too slow and I couldn't relate to the characters at all.
>Makes me sad that it got white washed.
Huh? It's an American remake. Why wouldn't (and shouldn't) it have white people in it?


File: 1623423925242.jpg (77.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

My main issue with Steins;Gate was that nobody seemed to take time travel seriously. Like they still continue fucking around like everything's normal after discovering they can send messages back in time.
>Wew we just discovered time travel? Seems like a good time for a pervert joke


Jewish schlock!


oh, i just find american remakes stupid in general lol. to me it feels dumb to take a japanese story themed after a classic japanese trope of onryo (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onry%C5%8D) and then make it white. just doesnt make a lot of sense


antisemitism in 2021? kinda pathetic. do you always google if any cast member is jewish before watching a film? sounds obsessive, id be embarassed


If an American remake starred only Japanese actors who spoke Japanese, then what's the point of the remake? Or do you find remakes stupid in general? For instance, do you think The Departed is stupid?


>just doesnt make a lot of sense
clearly this is untrue since the movie makes sense


oh, i havent seen the departed, but ill check it out. i just wish we'd gotten a japanese remake instead, idk,im kinda picky about details
i gotta say tho, a lot of remakes these days r ass. if someone tried to remake the shinning id probably fight them.
in the book version of the ring sadako (or samara) actually had small pox when she made her tape. theres a lot of details that had to be cut from some of the films (not that i blame them, sadako's backstory was even sadder)


>i gotta say tho, a lot of remakes these days r ass
yeah, lol


i just started the saw franchise and the first one was sooo good. i hope at least some of the others live up


be gratefull, it could be far worse.

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