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File: 1642528602938.gif (1.24 MB, 640x384, 5:3, neon-genesis-evangelion-gi….gif)


>server bill coming up
>have to pay to delete spam

I'm the lowest of the low.


File: 1639476133206.jpg (162.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

b281c No.3619[Reply]

Being a shut-in is taking it's toll. How are you retards?
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c5e66 No.3622

80. that's an A- where I am.

b281c No.3623

Yeah, I guess that I don't know your grading scale. Does that leave you with a bit of wiggle room? Just remember that your goal is to pass. It's okay to take a hit or two.

6a3d2 No.3659

In the same predicament as you. Being a shut in is also taking a toll on me as well. I just want friends.

f4b9e No.3661

I don't have advice to give since all my friends are online, but why do you shut yourself off? Is it just from the real world or is it from everyone in general, regardless of if it's online or not?

380b2 No.3664

File: 1642588118115.jpg (108.81 KB, 648x432, 3:2, here.jpg)

I've been a shut-in for nearly five years now. Kill me, please


File: 1626489975848.jpg (871.31 KB, 1879x1751, 1879:1751, shane-carruth.jpg)

56049 No.3095[Reply]

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40109 No.3648

hello there friendly lurkerman, how is it going?

a07f0 No.3650

File: 1641726216737.jpeg (53.18 KB, 964x601, 964:601, selina kyle.jpeg)

pretty good anon. Just finished watching Batman Returns for the first time. The movie is bad, but it's quite fun, and Michelle Pfeiffer has that old-hollywood hotness to her. She almost looks too good for this movie.

How's your day going anon?

ddd57 No.3657

my toenail is about to fall off

3a8db No.3660

can you mail it to me

abab3 No.3663

what will you do with it?


File: 1641557884243.png (359.07 KB, 531x652, 531:652, sabitsuki.PNG)


>Brigador: Up-Armored Edition - Stellar Jockeys & Gaussworks
I've been dying for another good mech game since Titanfall 2. This looked decent enough, gameplay hasn't really sold me yet, but I'm less than 2 hours in.

>Final Fantasy 7 (not the remake) - Square Enix

Bf bought this for me as a Christmas gift (I got him Ori and the Blind Forest), always wanted to get into FF, thought 7 was a pretty good place to start.

>Project Zomboid

It's a good online zombie survival game. Kind of janky at times, but it's got charm. I used to be a part of a big-ish Unturned Military RP server, so my familiary with DayZ inspired games should be good enough.


because I played Yume Nikki and want more of them RPGmaker 2003 fever dreams.
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Hypnospace Outlaw, thanks for the recommendation. I am enamored with the style (from what I see so far). I'm also getting into Bitburner on the topic of relaxed internet-related vidya.


Hypnospace outlaw does have a very interesting style to it. It manages to remain unique while also being reminiscent of that time, which I quite enjoy. Unfortunately, there's not much interaction beyond people reacting to actions you take in the game, but I feel like that really adds to the charm.
I've looked at this for a bit, but I'm not really sure what it's about. Is it just like a programming game or is there more to it?


File: 1641805008373.png (1.97 MB, 1192x670, 596:335, hackerman.png)

Bitburner is actually not completely programming from what I've seen, it's a mainly text-based game that takes place in a black and green terminal where you play a hacker in a cyberpunk dystopia. There are RPG elements to it, you can buy augments for your character, progress skill trees, etc.

A friend of mine, a computer science guy, is the one getting me into it. But I haven't played the game yet so I'm unsure of how exactly it works kek. One thing I've yet to see is the goal of the game, you can acquire money, converse with NPCs, and a few other things, but I have no idea what It's all going towards.


File: 1641809848826.jpeg (8.87 KB, 210x240, 7:8, futaba sakura what huh wh….jpeg)

>alright update after playing about an hour of it,
Bitburner is pretty much just a competent and entertaining clicker game where you try to acquire as much currency as possible and build a hacking empire.

it is fun though, it'll at least be an entertaining climb to the top level.


File: 1642111616971.png (84.33 KB, 539x600, 539:600, 1095178489916.png)

Oh it's a clicker? Dang, i was kinda hoping it would actually be a text adventure lul. Ah well, I'll still check it out after I get some time away from work


File: 1593297391247.gif (7.79 KB, 221x113, 221:113, Gargoyles_of_Hell_Flame.gif)

d67e3 No.1629[Reply]

>used to be full of funny autistic people, but some retards posted about it on tiktok

>neat old youtube ripoff, sadly a few youtubers made some videos about this, so a bunch of retarded underages and brazilians use this for dumb shit

>a dead russian command line based message board

>you can host your own page with static content on here, basically an older neocities/geocities

>archive of an ascii art gallery from geocities
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28944 No.3082

>A collection of interesting networks and technology aiming at re-decentralizing the Internet

2642d No.3598

File: 1637139424388.png (72.46 KB, 610x387, 610:387, Osamu_Sato.png)

Osamu Sato Archive

83342 No.3608

AI demo featured in a 2 Minute Papers episode that recreates then adjusts a person's age.

bc28c No.3610

9ad3b No.3658


File: 1639021556468.png (25.18 KB, 128x128, 1:1, smiley.png)

5c341 No.3611[Reply]

if unity replies to this shit i'll post a picture of my action figure collection and cotton candy faygo (da kitty)
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5056d No.3617

Just gotta recycle it dude

d8c36 No.3618

File: 1639437620607.png (595.79 KB, 640x481, 640:481, ClipboardImage.png)

5c341 No.3625

i forgot to check this thread i'll upload the pics later

5056d No.3652

It's been almost a month…

0ae9b No.3656

wonder how christine is doing these days


File: 1640355642856.jpg (240.62 KB, 605x804, 605:804, santa.jpg)

77029 No.3634[Reply]

What does santa do on his off days?
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30400 No.3638

File: 1640639168876.webm (5.79 MB, 1048x1080, 131:135, 2b39eabfcd2397f98a9ff5cff….webm)

kidnap children

a7304 No.3639

no they are volunteering to be elves

15269 No.3646


your mom

706aa No.3649

he performs in coke advertisements because hes the only thing keeping them from going under during the holiday season
its true, look it up.

904aa No.3655

Fucks your asshole


File: 1586416431116-0.png (6.33 MB, 1772x1688, 443:422, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1586416431116-1.jpg (497.51 KB, 1772x1688, 443:422, 23460782605872-tarkovsky.jpg)


Anons, you ever had any of those really 'out there'/ weird dreams?
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>out there/ weird dreams
kind of a meh dream, but the last vivid one i had went like this. my dog was swallowed whole by a big yellow snake. i grabbed the snake by the tail and put my boot on it's head. bashed it's head with a rock and then pulled it's jaw apart. tore the snake skin lengthwise like it had a seem in it and got my dog out. the dog was slimy and gross, but still intact. not a good nights sleep.


File: 1632983818525.jpg (215.85 KB, 976x1050, 488:525, baphomet.jpg)

i looked back into my dream journal to properly answer this thread and was kind of suprised. i keep telling myself i dont need to go into full detail when writing my dreams out since ill just know what i was talking about, but looking back 2 years a lot of my dreams just seem disjointed and retarded, heres one of the entries

>i had a dream that one of my friends was a jew and he was in distress because he went to the doctor and found he had a gene that would make him go to hell over time.

theres longer stuff but i dont want to bore anyone with stuff that doesnt mean anything to anyone except me, however to properly answer the thread i will desrcibe one of the especially profound dreams ive had. i was in a white room, like one used for photography with that big curtain thing. i was lined up with 10 other men facing a man with a gun. he pointed the gun at me and i tried to calm myself so i could die properly and then he shot me. after that i felt the most amazing feeling ive ever felt, its what people who have had near death experiences describe, the feeling of true relaxation.



i didnt feel any stress and all the subconscious worries that are innate to being a physical creature were gone. then i, or my soul, started to float upwards, giving me this feeling of pure love, i thought i was going to heaven. next thing i knew i was looking at a mirror and i saw my dead body, with my empty eyes and the empty dark hole where i got shot. after that i was bowing before who i knew to be jesus, but who was clearly appeared to be the devil, just like the picture ive attached. this pristine white hallway in which the mirror and "jesus" were it continued, but i never got to see what was out there.

i know enough about dream interpretation to tell that this was definitely an archetypal dream, but it was so long ago that its profound meaning is probably useless to me now.


I occasionally have dreams that involve a long, tedious travel through "hell," or generally some dark, underground miserable realm. I reemerge at the end, and I've had the dreams often enough that when they start up it's less a sense of fear or dread than "here we go again." It's actually kind of interesting how close it parallels the idea of the hero's journey, with the descent into and reemergence from the underworld. I'm sure there's some sort of Freudian or Jungian significance to it.


dunno how this is gonna make you feel Anon but I get dreams that sound similar to that

I also tend to have dreams about me trying to get out of my dreams. Sort of an inception deal where I wake up from a dream only to be in another dream, and having to find my way out from that until I wake up in reality.

It's happened often enough that it doesn't fuck me in the head anymore.


File: 1622212003564.jpg (64.86 KB, 933x718, 933:718, IMG_2817.JPG)


>be me
>be american
god i fucking hate it here.
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oh, i havent seen the departed, but ill check it out. i just wish we'd gotten a japanese remake instead, idk,im kinda picky about details
i gotta say tho, a lot of remakes these days r ass. if someone tried to remake the shinning id probably fight them.
in the book version of the ring sadako (or samara) actually had small pox when she made her tape. theres a lot of details that had to be cut from some of the films (not that i blame them, sadako's backstory was even sadder)


>i gotta say tho, a lot of remakes these days r ass
yeah, lol


i just started the saw franchise and the first one was sooo good. i hope at least some of the others live up


be gratefull, it could be far worse.


File: 1641555411783.png (422.64 KB, 741x624, 19:16, were all gonna die.PNG)


tell me about it.
(tagalog ako btw, I'm just using a vpn)


93dbe No.3627[Reply]

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93dbe No.3629


93dbe No.3630


93dbe No.3631

hi hi

a50c3 No.3633

hay :>

6c226 No.3641

goodbye sorry i have to go


File: 1640414485291.jpg (719.93 KB, 2400x1080, 20:9, Screenshot_20210902-175732….jpg)


T h i s i s m y b o o , p o p p y . W h o i s
y o u r b o o ?


File: 1641239432875-0.jpg (479.5 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, RZ_Mirele_19_1.jpg)

File: 1641239432875-1.jpg (413.56 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, RZ_Mirele_22.jpg)

File: 1641239432875-2.jpg (869.94 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, mirele.jpg)



File: 1604175476498.jpg (142.31 KB, 968x972, 242:243, 3.JPG)


What emulators do you use and stuff I need one to play old games I want to play Mother 3.
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I use Dolphin. For SSBB


I use retroarch cause it's simple.


don't use retroarch all posts above are LIARS


the ui kinda sucks but it works ig


File: 1640577551731.jpg (33.3 KB, 480x272, 30:17, ULUS10432_00011.jpg)

I only use RetroArch for RetroAchievements, and only because I couldn't use my gamepad on RetroAchievements' own emulator and the video settings in it aren't as good as RetroArch's.

For non-"retro" consoles (such as PSP, pic related) I just use separate emulators for each of them. That has always been my preference.


File: 1574912149772.png (541.67 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 2019-11-26 01.58.02.png)


Questions That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread.
I’ll start: while the rules say that all boards are NSFW, porn dumps and obscene content will be deleted.
Could you clarify what constitutes a porn dump, and clarify what obscene content is? “Obscene content” is awfully vague, and “porn dump” is somewhat vague as well. I know porn threads will get yeeted as they should, but I’m curious to know what the cutoff limit is. Like two posts in a row? A post of 5 pr0n pics?
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Do this IPs start with 5.143 ? The board I don't moderate was getting the same CGI naughty spam and all the evader's IPs for this year begun with that. You can probably just rangeban if that's the case, it worked for us


No, the IP ranges change periodically, otherwise I would have done that. They tend to change every week or so.


File: 1640297098172.png (125.66 KB, 684x485, 684:485, ClipboardImage.png)

You have less than 17 hours to implement falling asterisk HTML snow, lest your board wind up on the Naught E-List. Once you earn a Grinchcard, it can never be revoked. your board will be cursed to forever reduce to a crawl for the week leading up to Christmas as your once noble patrons seek discourse on more.. festive site.


sorry, I probably have the rona, I'm more than likely not going to be able to do much


>read ban messages (bots don't see them)

It probably is real people but i just have to say, bots can "read" ban messages. When you attempt to post, it redirects you to the ban message. If the system says the banned person has "read" the message, it really just means that IP has tried posting since being banned, being redirected to the ban page. It does not actually quantify if it's been "read" in a human sense, so a bot *can* "read" the ban messages.

In my experience, most of these posts are bots, like 99%. The only time it isn't a bot is when you can tell it's deliberate spam to annoy the creators, this is just imageboard spam. There are just bots that try to post to anything online, if there's a form open, they're trying to post to it. These bots have gotten eerily human-like, as people are still running these bots. This is why they tend to have "active hours", which are the same as the owner's, and it's why they need to scrape pastebin to find links (someone needs to direct the bot to the site), and bots can still fill out recaptcha, including the checkbox recaptcha. Captcha is not 100% reliable, it's realistically only like 50% reliable, it just reduces the amount of attempts cause some people don't care that their bots can't post to places with captcha.


File: 1638761533078.png (224.13 KB, 1064x1109, 1064:1109, grimchristmas.png)


I don't know if any of you remember this, but previously, I used to post a survey for you all to fill out regarding feedback on the site.

Feel free to complete the survey at https://forms.gle/k4vC483e2gEeyybv6

If you're uncomfortable using google forms (though, note I've disabled the "collect emails" feature and you don't need a google account), feel free to record your responses in a reply to this thread.

I'll tally up all the responses and try to address them here on Friday, December 10th, 2021.

Thank you!
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>I'll tally up all the responses and try to address them here on Friday, December 10th, 2021.
Lying piece of cheetah shit. Scamming two-timer weasel dick slumbag. Dirt-eating conman peddler. Undermining fox-eyed four-fingers. Bipedal hand-over-fist ratfaced gambler.


>tfw had to go outside into the real world on friday

believe me I wish I was in here with you people shitposting. alright, give me a moment.


File: 1639239992100-0.png (24.66 KB, 758x237, 758:237, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1639239992100-1.png (23.08 KB, 739x245, 739:245, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1639239992100-2.png (19.21 KB, 725x166, 725:166, ClipboardImage.png)

>Why do you use this site?
I don't know what to make of the first question, mostly just put it there for my own curiosity.

>Check all the options that you agree with.

Alright, well this is good. I've been fucking around with the site behind the scenes and I know we had glowggle captcha, so I just wanted to make sure you guys weren't having a fit.

>What is something you wish you could change about Grimchan?

Lole @ polposter. Fun fact, this site did actually have a /pol/ at one point, though it was extremely dead and moderate.


File: 1639240248519-0.png (11.69 KB, 722x242, 361:121, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1639240248519-1.png (25.27 KB, 726x195, 242:65, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1639240248519-2.png (9.64 KB, 713x132, 713:132, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1639240248519-3.png (10.16 KB, 721x113, 721:113, ClipboardImage.png)

Part II Electric Boogaloo

>Would you be interested in supporting the site through any of these means?

I fucked this question up and only let people choose one option, but I'll assume that stickers are the best bet. I'm going to get on my art tablet and design a few over the Christmas break.

>What is the site's strongest aspect at the moment?

This was interesting. Hearing someone call the slowness of the site a plus was definitely a first. I'm also glad that our moderation is appreciated, we work our asses off for this piece of shit.

>How did you find Grimchan?

By the look of it, our friends page and original /bant/ embassy thread is what's really getting our users. I'm surprised there were no mumkey people.

>Anything else you'd like to add/suggest?

Nothing really to say here. Lole.


Honestly, ever since nineball went down /bant/ posters needed a place to stay since the current state of the board is pretty… terrible, frankly. There is another altchan that I won't speak of to protect it's privacy, but barely anyone knows about it apart from me and like 6 other people.


File: 1635663417456.jpg (72.04 KB, 513x557, 513:557, cum.jpg)

0c629 No.3521[Reply]

dead site
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88cf9 No.3602


>site is dead

>you posted to it

>making the site un-dead

>posting to a dead site
I believe this is what the zoomers call an L

52e15 No.3603

File: 1638245614931.gif (2.15 MB, 640x564, 160:141, forknife ttl.gif)

9e1e1 No.3604


ccbba No.3605

File: 1638532357078.jpg (35.28 KB, 554x554, 1:1, swallows.jpg)


4aa73 No.3609

she has a nice smile :)

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