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3.0 + 1.0 was just okay

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Anons, you ever had any of those really 'out there'/ weird dreams?


this one time when I was a kid I was running away from a puma, on an endless circular staircase


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Sometimes I have dreams where my life is incredibly different, but it feels like it's supposed to be that way, like it's the norm. I'll know people I don't and it won't feel at all weird to me, then I wake up and think "where the fuck am I this ain't right"

not that spoopy or anything, but they always stand out


very often, most night i have dreams in which i come to some massive and very important(seems like it in the dream anyway) realization on some random thing. last dream i had like this i realized something about skiing and the color red.


Sometimes when watching a film, I fall asleep without noticing. I continue to ``watch it'' but it's all a dream. Later, recalling the film includes the dreamed scenes. Once I recommended someone a film, describing my favorite parts. Later, he asked my copy of the film, because my scenes weren't there.


that's fucking strange, I've never had that before but it must be surreal


That's interesting. I've experienced something similar to this when falling asleep with audio playing. I'll continue to hear the audio while I'm dreaming and a visual representation of what I am listening to will arise in the dream state.

It's subtly different then what you're describing, in that the visual aspects of the dream aren't a continuation of the film, but usually an imaginal representation of what I'm listening to. If it's music, I might find myself at a concert or watching a music video in the dream. If it's an interview, my dream might manifest as a conversation. When this happens with an audiobook, the dream will often be a visual representation of the story to accompany the reading.

I can't recall this ever happening with films in the way that you describe, but I don't often fall asleep while watching video. I might try to force myself to fall asleep while watching something and see if I can experience this.


Most of my weird dreams are nightmares and I would only really call them nightmares cuz I end up dying in them. It's usually due to a car accident and the brakes not working and I don't wake up before you die like most people. It's always afterwards and it kinda sucks.


>>38 I have dreams where it seems insignificant but I cant forget them, but then months later I live out that exact scene in my dream


kek yeah I know what you mean, it's always the most mundane shit too


>>105 i was in the break room at my new job a week ago then all of a sudden i was like what the fuck it happened again, i never see it coming


kek yep. I'll just be at my desktop sipping coffee and know I was gonna do it that exact way

hey, makes boring shit a little more fun so I won't complain


Just suicide related stuff.


>out there/ weird dreams
kind of a meh dream, but the last vivid one i had went like this. my dog was swallowed whole by a big yellow snake. i grabbed the snake by the tail and put my boot on it's head. bashed it's head with a rock and then pulled it's jaw apart. tore the snake skin lengthwise like it had a seem in it and got my dog out. the dog was slimy and gross, but still intact. not a good nights sleep.

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