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3.0 + 1.0 was just okay

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What's your favorite conspiracy?


Watergate was a coup carried out by the US intelligence agencies against Richard Nixon for his distrust of them


Sound like what they are trying to do to Trump.


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It's not widespread, but there's a theory that Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Hirohito were all put into power and encouraged to be so cartoonishly egocentric that they would become a common enemy to all other nations, ensuring peace forever afterwards. Problem is, Stalin turned against the others and joined the allies. It's silly, but compelling.

The theory that Disney was responsible for Elsagate (either by funding the videos or willfully ignoring them), so that they could have a precedent for what happens if they lose control of their IPs and further lobby to extend copyright in 2023, also makes a disturbing amount of sense.


Both of those are very interesting. Though, the idea of trying to plan someone being charismatic at one time and hated the next seems so convoluted that it's just a fun conspiracy in my eyes.




Barack Obama is able to control the weather, and purposefully caused Hurricane Sandy so people would look the other way while he did shady stuff.


There's also the rather strange one that says that the Nazis have a secret moon base, and have been operating out of it since they lost ww2.


Elon Musk had a hair growth serum secretly developed and will only release it to the public when he dies.


I am fascinated by The Finders.
Who knows what secrets The Game Caller learned before his passing?



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