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/boo/ - Supernatural and Religion

Let's get spooky!
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This board is sort of like /x/ but with religion and spirituality added as well. It can be spooky, it can be spiritual, it can be both. Have fun!

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Have you ever seen them?
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I think they prefer the term "african americans"


I was video calling some friends and we all set up mood lighting for lulz. One of us is from Africa so he just went blackout and it was just a floating pair of eyes and a giant grin. Spooky~


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Haven't seen any.


Yes, but only once. I was relaxing and listening to some music on YT. Then after a while, I got up and saw kind of hazy outline of a person who was just standing there and watching me. It left after I started deliberately ignoring it.


Had you not slept or something?

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Anons, you ever had any of those really 'out there'/ weird dreams?
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Sometimes I have dreams where my life is incredibly different, but it feels like it's supposed to be that way, like it's the norm. I'll know people I don't and it won't feel at all weird to me, then I wake up and think "where the fuck am I this ain't right"

not that spoopy or anything, but they always stand out


very often, most night i have dreams in which i come to some massive and very important(seems like it in the dream anyway) realization on some random thing. last dream i had like this i realized something about skiing and the color red.


Sometimes when watching a film, I fall asleep without noticing. I continue to ``watch it'' but it's all a dream. Later, recalling the film includes the dreamed scenes. Once I recommended someone a film, describing my favorite parts. Later, he asked my copy of the film, because my scenes weren't there.


that's fucking strange, I've never had that before but it must be surreal


That's interesting. I've experienced something similar to this when falling asleep with audio playing. I'll continue to hear the audio while I'm dreaming and a visual representation of what I am listening to will arise in the dream state.

It's subtly different then what you're describing, in that the visual aspects of the dream aren't a continuation of the film, but usually an imaginal representation of what I'm listening to. If it's music, I might find myself at a concert or watching a music video in the dream. If it's an interview, my dream might manifest as a conversation. When this happens with an audiobook, the dream will often be a visual representation of the story to accompany the reading.

I can't recall this ever happening with films in the way that you describe, but I don't often fall asleep while watching video. I might try to force myself to fall asleep while watching something and see if I can experience this.

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Unrecognizable, was this the intention?


true art


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I beg to differ.


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self portrait

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Any of you guys religious? What would you call yourself?

I'm Catholic but really enjoy reading up on spirituality and particularly Crowley. Thelema and Golden Dawn are just super fascinating to me.
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Oh, sorry. I haven't watched every Church Militant video but when I saw the thumbnail, I presumed it was going to be Mr. Voris talking about the ills of the "Church of Nice". Instead, it was just him talking about how he wasn't allowed into the venue. I'd really like to apologise for sucking up your time like that.
I've actually watched 3 minutes of this particular video so here's really what I should've posted. I didn't want to post it though because it was older and doesn't have his modern, cleaner style.
In any case, yes, Michael Voris has noted the "MTD" phenomenon amongst Catholics and given it his own name.


lol yeah ok nevermind after like a few minutes in this video seems pretty much the exact same as the last one so you've seriously lost me a bit on going deeper through this guy's work. I don't mean to tell you your business but why does it seem so important to you to focus on other people's religions rather than your own? As far as I can make of it the best use of religion seems to try and explain the bottom line of why we live our lives, then use this information to hopefully fill in some blanks on how we live our lives. So expending all this focus and effort instead on trying to break down and undermine someone else's path for no real reason just feels like time wasted that you could've spent working on yourself, I don't know. Whatever this youtube guy seems to be doing it almost feels like a cheap commercialization or even bastardization of religious practice


>but why does it seem so important to you to focus on other people's religions rather than your own?
It seems to me that you do not believe that there is such a thing as improperly following a religion. I think you have subscribed to a particular heresy referred to as "Modernism".
To summarise it: Every man is his own Pope. It is this notion, stemming at least partially from Protestantism, that it is the individual who ultimately determines what the Truth (of the Bible, in the case of Protestants) really is. I'm sure you've heard people say that phrase before: "I'm just speaking my truth". Previous heresies were people who really held that reality was a certain way but this belief was deemed incorrect. With the heresy of Modernism however, the very notion of an objective truth is done away with. Nobody can truly be right nor wrong.
This idea that Religion is merely something personal, I think, is ironically the death of Religion itself.


as much as I like the idea of discussing issues like this, you still haven't really explained why it matters what way the other anon practices his faith. It has no effect on you after all, he should be free to do so.


Well firstly, I want to say that from the very beginning, my first post in this thread was No. 61. If you believe that post No. 61 was an attack on how anyone in this thread practises their religion, I believe you're going to need to explain that.
When I posted Post No.61, I was merely chiming in with Post No. 59 in that yes, yes there are Catholics who are really just claiming to be Catholic but, when questioned, reveal their views to be something along the lines of MTD. This was not an attack on anyone in this thread. It was me confirming an observed phenomenon. I don't believe Post No. 59 was an attack on anyone in this thread either.

Secondly, while I think one should be wise about when they choose to Evangelise and so I believe there are times where it would be okay to leave people alone in how they practise their religion, I don't believe it truly has no effect on me that I totally allow others to practise their religion. I believe, at the end of my life, God will judge me not just for what I did but for what I didn't do. Not speaking up when I should have will be held against me and so I cannot agree with that idea that I shouldn't attempt to bring others into the One True, Apostolic, Church. To clarify though: I made no attempt to do so in this thread.

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How do I trascend to an altered state of consciousness?
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>american addiction centers

not a reliable source tbh. toluene isn't used in paint, it's paint thinner, rubber cement, or modelling glue (or other similar use glues). It isn't found in paint, the thing in spray paint that gets you high are other fluorocarbons.


does it really matter? Only a retard would huff paint. Surely no grimchan user is that dumb.


ahaha yeah surely not


Having an altered connection to life around you is weird. I've managed to grab on to the feeling a few times, without any sort of drugs or what have you. But it's by no means an easy process and definitely not a permanent feeling. I came at a crossroads in my life where it became very important that I found a way to explain my meaning to myself. And I sort of managed to achieve this altered 'feeling of consciousness' once I achieved an explanation that was logically or rationally satisfying for myself. There's probably different ways of approaching the same feeling, I'm a very scientific person so that's probably why I had to take this route. But the feeling itself was quite… peculiar. Instead of just passively partaking in life without thinking twice about it, you very actively feel time and people and nature sort of flow and change around you. Almost like a cosmic river of living matter and ideas actively pouring into eachother, influencing eachother. And you see all these little bits and humans and things around you ebbing back and forth as tiny little cogs in this gigantic fucking machine. It's a very peculiar feeling and my peanut brain only manages to hold on to it for a few seconds at a time but it is a mindblowingly pleasant experience.


One very important key factor I know for sure is that you need to display curiosity. And a whole buttload of it. This isn't something people are born with, this is something everyone can force themselves to train and get better at. You simply need to take very active note of everything in your surroundings, and force yourself to ask questions. You look at a tree. What kind of tree is it? What can you tell about the leaves? Is something carved in the bark? Is there some branch that looks different? You look at a billboard. What kind of design is on it? What might have gone through the head of the designer? Why is the logo the way that it is? What is the connection between the logo and the company that's being advertised? You look at a girl. What is she wearing? What made her decide to wear it? How is her facial expression? Etc. etc. It's a very tough exercise, training your curiosity, and I think it might come almost akin to a form of meditation

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Something big is happening to the /x/ board..its changing…


Indeed, it's full of schizos and LARPers more than ever.


the few goods thread die so quick that its not funny and you know that what killed the interesting trheads is some nobody bullshit or something equally schizo

File: 1573942944247.jpg (790.51 KB, 1920x1140, 32:19, Gensokyo_Humans.jpg)


Best methods for killing yokai?
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File: 1573943595373.jpg (122.87 KB, 850x607, 850:607, laser.jpg)

What kind of yokai is that?!


the kind that makes my peepee feel funny




File: 1573943804671.jpg (86.31 KB, 1130x937, 1130:937, 1555891211828.jpg)

Damn how could I have the beast walking right under my nose? How could I not smell the shit?


thats a yonks from me there anon

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