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Happy Valentine's Day, you fucking virgins

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This board is sort of like /x/ but with religion and spirituality added as well. It can be spooky, it can be spiritual, it can be both. Have fun!

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Just heard buzzing and loud scream on 107.9 FM radio station which is based in chicago, if anyone around that area sees this post pls flip through radio tonight if you're interested or something mind you that I heard this about twelve minutes from posting this, was driving through rural area as well, if not, maybe share similar experience
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I'm afraid the signal's almost completely gone now. I didn't touch the radio at all, it's just static now. Strange, I live in a suburb thats only 30 minutes away from Chicago.


Signal's kind of back but it's more of the same. I can't really make out what they're saying though.
I'll check again in like 2 or 3 hours, see if it changes at all.


I was listening to it online and it was just a bunch of mexicans talking

I think OP just has a dying radio


Some years ago, a friend from school and I would listen to a radio station from rural Illinois. Don't remember what it was called. The signal was faint near the city of Chicago, but when we could pull it in late at night we would hear random hardcore music that wouldn't be played on normie radio. It was a cool show and you could call in and make requests. Anyway, one night the DJ was getting pissed that no one was calling in, so he issued a challenge/threat to whatever listeners were out there. "If I don't get a caller in the next 15 minutes, I swear to God that I'll play The Annoying Song by The Butthole Surfers for the next hour straight!" We did not call in. We sat and waited. No one called in. So, we got stoned and had a laugh as we endured the ear rape over the next hour. Good times.

As far as OP is concerned, don't worry…
secret radio can't really hurt you


fuck man this gave me a good laugh

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File: 1609028699332.png (1.52 MB, 762x1200, 127:200, krampus.png)

If Santa isn't real, who keeps Krampus in check?


I used to think that Santa was a myth, but then there was that one year when he left bite marks and the bruises were still visible on boxing day.


Logic is lost on them.
It was your fault for wearing that cookie sweater. Your survival shows his divine mercy.


File: 1609161963665.png (147.32 KB, 508x499, 508:499, santa.png)


File: 1609245077111.png (590.38 KB, 728x471, 728:471, 9505867618356.png)

I'm a believer, but you've got to be on the look out for the imposters

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Best methods for killing yokai?
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Hmm I have been stuck inside a lot, marinating in my own squalor. Will you pay the bill? I spent all my extra cash on some new charms.


File: 1606713201293.jpg (56.74 KB, 300x225, 4:3, beads.jpg)

Aren't they neat?


pls, no bully


They are so pretty though! You will look so lovely with them wrapped around your neck!


tfw humans be like… check out my prayer beads, bro!
feels bad

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What do you turn to when you want to be scared? Movies? Books? Video Games? Image boards?
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I watch the grudge. The original Japanese one. Holy fuck man it never fails to get me fucking creeped out.


I look to my shadow and remember who it follows.


File: 1603087079353.png (484.88 KB, 2048x1638, 1024:819, 1565488623202.png)

Reading scary stories or go urban exploring/camping.


I used to read SCP wiki late at night


Read or watch vids about people killed by nature. The scariest are the situations I might find myself in: lost in the woods, stuck in a cave, hiking accident, etc. Unsolved creature attacks are also super spooky.

File: 1603239275433.jpg (52.29 KB, 484x700, 121:175, 1a67d23592479195bd931a078a….jpg)


It's that time of year folks. We're supposed to be grimchan, so lets get sp00py.
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File: 1604188159747.gif (1.07 MB, 500x204, 125:51, 0957683730973-737.gif)


File: 1604189466439.jpg (178.22 KB, 887x1200, 887:1200, 1reddiwiphauntedhouse.jpg)


Quebecois pronounce it "hurrr durr durr hurr derp" *shits pants* "durr"


can confirm this is accurate

File: 1602549545257.jpg (13.54 KB, 287x176, 287:176, baki.jpg)


What's your favorite conspiracy?
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Barack Obama is able to control the weather, and purposefully caused Hurricane Sandy so people would look the other way while he did shady stuff.


There's also the rather strange one that says that the Nazis have a secret moon base, and have been operating out of it since they lost ww2.


Elon Musk had a hair growth serum secretly developed and will only release it to the public when he dies.


I am fascinated by The Finders.
Who knows what secrets The Game Caller learned before his passing?



File: 1574004572804.jpg (100.15 KB, 964x658, 482:329, 1567628266805.jpg)


How do I trascend to an altered state of consciousness?
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ahaha yeah surely not


Having an altered connection to life around you is weird. I've managed to grab on to the feeling a few times, without any sort of drugs or what have you. But it's by no means an easy process and definitely not a permanent feeling. I came at a crossroads in my life where it became very important that I found a way to explain my meaning to myself. And I sort of managed to achieve this altered 'feeling of consciousness' once I achieved an explanation that was logically or rationally satisfying for myself. There's probably different ways of approaching the same feeling, I'm a very scientific person so that's probably why I had to take this route. But the feeling itself was quite… peculiar. Instead of just passively partaking in life without thinking twice about it, you very actively feel time and people and nature sort of flow and change around you. Almost like a cosmic river of living matter and ideas actively pouring into eachother, influencing eachother. And you see all these little bits and humans and things around you ebbing back and forth as tiny little cogs in this gigantic fucking machine. It's a very peculiar feeling and my peanut brain only manages to hold on to it for a few seconds at a time but it is a mindblowingly pleasant experience.


One very important key factor I know for sure is that you need to display curiosity. And a whole buttload of it. This isn't something people are born with, this is something everyone can force themselves to train and get better at. You simply need to take very active note of everything in your surroundings, and force yourself to ask questions. You look at a tree. What kind of tree is it? What can you tell about the leaves? Is something carved in the bark? Is there some branch that looks different? You look at a billboard. What kind of design is on it? What might have gone through the head of the designer? Why is the logo the way that it is? What is the connection between the logo and the company that's being advertised? You look at a girl. What is she wearing? What made her decide to wear it? How is her facial expression? Etc. etc. It's a very tough exercise, training your curiosity, and I think it might come almost akin to a form of meditation


Don't stoop to drugs unless you feel it is necessary to prove to yourself the existence of the archetypal realms of the unconscious.


creepy-poster has it right, the human body is capable of being drastically altered simply by focusing on things intensely enough through stuff like gnostic concentration. try staring at your eyes in a mirror, unphased, no blinking, no moving, no thinking.

File: 1585355455316.jpg (18.62 KB, 563x168, 563:168, photo_2020-03-27_20-28-56.jpg)


Have you ever seen them?
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Had you not slept or something?


I didn't (still don't) have any issues with sleep. Also, I never drink or do drugs, and I don't have any family history of mental illness.


Strange. Then again, minor hallucinations do actually just come and go sometimes, it's just not commonly reported because it's not really a big deal.


I have them when I drive. Sometimes they freak me out when I see them run behind my car or peak out behind some cover. They watch me while I sleep and even appear in my games.


Never have I seen such a specter.

How do I summon you?

File: 1596384466785.png (550.96 KB, 612x683, 612:683, ministry guy.png)


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Unrecognizable, was this the intention?


true art


File: 1598183332271.jpg (178.13 KB, 719x1280, 719:1280, photo_2020-08-23_13-28-30.jpg)

I beg to differ.


File: 1598217956674.jpg (279.58 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 3-portrait-tikka-hun.jpg)

self portrait


File: 1602898542870.gif (559.43 KB, 500x500, 1:1, material.gif)

Magick has no color.

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