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3.0 + 1.0 was just okay

4be7a No.3191

Here’s my setup please ignore the bucket please don’t :)

4bcd7 No.3192

nice setup

55553 No.3193

File: 1627700301532.jpg (1.31 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, z.jpg)

oops i did not post the pic

9b0dd No.3194

Nice i3, what OS?

ec99b No.3195

Do you use the bucket as a leg rest? What's going on in the left of the image?

c1562 No.3198

based bucket based battle-station

5fc9e No.3200

What is the aspect ratio on the big monitor?

516dc No.3201

I know you shit in that bucket, OP.

6922c No.3204

File: 1627847326765.png (981.17 KB, 1015x761, 1015:761, comfy_chair_with_retractab….png)

a composting "leg rest" is best choice for the environment

27d03 No.3238

I was running arch and dwm but I have since moved on to gentoo
I completely forgot about this thread

27d03 No.3239

Idk I found it on the side of the road

27d03 No.3240

This is a sad day for this website…..
I got rid of the Bucket when I got a new desk I am sorry for betraying you guys(USER WAS BANNED FOR THE MURDER OF AN INNOCENT BUCKET)

27d03 No.3241

No pic because posting pics on phones doesn’t work

2a71b No.3242

have you come up with a substitute for the bucket, op?

201d3 No.3244

No i have just been pissing in the toilet

9b0dd No.3246

you fucker.

admin, ban this fucking bucket murderer

9b0dd No.3248

File: 1628798064429.jpg (14.65 KB, 294x294, 1:1, 0T9VvhPL_400x400.jpg)

works on my machine

5fc9e No.3268

don't be techoableist

a588e No.3335

don't be technoablephobic

21556 No.3347

I am only blackpeoplephobic

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