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60432 No.3107

Tonight, you rest your head upon your soft pillow and sleep in the comfort of your cosy bed. At the break of dawn, you suddenly jolt awake and are startled to find yourself in a completely different room, resting on a completely different bed, though they both strike you as oddly familiar.
You get up, fumbling around in the dark before finding yourself standing in front of a mirror. The realisation finally hits you, this used to be your room as a child and you're now back to your five year old self. You hear the door rustle, and from the corner of your vision you notice your parents walking in on you, wondering what's the cause of all the commotion.
What do?

e2847 No.3108

Go back to sleep. Figure things out in the morning.

0e264 No.3109

Freak out.
Later on maybe go to college as a 5 year old?

48171 No.3110

File: 1626572259625.png (31.23 KB, 102x110, 51:55, Capture.PNG)


Wonder whats going on then realize that i have the power to significantly better my life by making the right decisions with friends and also do the obvious inveest in da crypto move that everyone would do then enjoy life to the highest degree knowing that this is as good as it gets.

cc008 No.3115

>What do?
wait a few years, then…
i would hold onto her,
but this time i would never let her go.

463ec No.3158

there's no investing in crypto only getting scammed crypto isn't even a thing just a fucking shadow elite money farming scheme

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