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File: 1602829670847.png (621.48 KB, 822x527, 822:527, garf.png)

e5f0c No.2098

>be me
>in 10th grade
>hate school never do assignments
>dad finds out i have all c's
>sits me down and makes me write and essay that i hadn't even started on
>sits there and watches me
>needed to submit some code for my programming class through google class room
>clicks to upload file
>file explorer opens
>hentai pussies and titties flash before my father and i's eyes
>shit is open for a solid 3 seconds
>he sits there stone faced
>he then just sat there and looked at reddit
that's the story of when i wanted to hang myself for the first time and almost went through with it

e5f0c No.2099

just wanted to smoke weed and play runescape

e4275 No.2100

Are you still disappointing him to this day?

e5f0c No.2102

>>2100 considering the fact i'm currently shitposting on an image board i'll let you take a wild guess

e4275 No.2103

better here than reddit

e5f0c No.2104

>>2103 kek

01d78 No.2105

This image board is still miles up better than 4chins.

d200b No.2107

is it though

d200b No.2108

File: 1602859960175.png (419.72 KB, 700x734, 350:367, image_2020-10-16_105236.png)

This made me think of something that happened to me, fuck it was embarrassing

>be me, 9th or 10th grade or so

>had crush on chick for ages, your standard manic pixie dream girl
>ask her out and she actually said yes, after two years of being absolutely depressingly friendzoned
>we go out and just opt to walk around
>It's going fine, we're just hanging out like usual really
>suddenly she takes me into the woods nearby, I'm totally clueless
>pulls down my pants
>get incredibly fucking nervous
>ol reliable isn't being so reliable, I'm soft as ever and I'm a grower
>she gives a look of pure anticlimactic disappointment
>tell her I can just do it to her instead
>she pulls hers down in defeat
>smell of fish fills the air, it's absolutely horrifying
>literally gag into her, I could not help it
>she falls backwards into a bunch of mud
>we go our separate ways silently
>texted her asking if she wanted to go out again
>surprised when no response

3a5e0 No.2109

Did your dad ever ask you about that more or was he just silent

f33e8 No.2112

protip OP: the email field is just for saging threads. no need for an actual email to be put in

5175d No.2113

don't listen to this poster, it is important to include an email with posts :)

f33e8 No.2114

Only for 5th dimensional shitposting

5175d No.2115

regardless of reason, it's important all the same

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