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File: 1595887717175.jpg (565.09 KB, 2789x3245, 2789:3245, r9kaux1lzob51.jpg)

f7073 No.1696

Do you guys have any interesting hobbies you'd like to share?

I'm big into model kits, mostly gunpla but a few star wars kits as well. I'll dump a few around to get the thread going. OP pic is my latest one, and my largest/most detailed. It's about a foot tall and I just finished throwing a matte clear coat on it.

f7073 No.1697

File: 1595888819834.jpg (150.07 KB, 1136x1280, 71:80, photo_2020-07-23_22-57-34 ….jpg)

This here's a work in progress, still need to add some extra panel lining and topcoat to make it look less cheap. Love wonky looking kits like this.

15bd0 No.1698

After I get some black primer, I'm going to start painting my first batch of Necron Immortals from Warhammer 40k. If they look okay for a beginner, I'll be sure to post them.
How long have you been into model kits?

f7073 No.1702

About a year now, though I've only been any good for about 6 months. My earlier ones are abhorrent looking.

But yeah they're basically plastic crack, you just keep fucking buying them and buying them kek. Anyway yeah be sure to post the results itt!

f7073 No.1712

File: 1596402133856.jpg (147.4 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, photo_2020-08-02_16-18-38.jpg)

Here's another one

f7073 No.1730

File: 1596655413321.jpg (177.18 KB, 1280x1126, 640:563, photo_2020-08-05_15-17-27.jpg)

apologies for the mess, this is the desk I throw all my spare parts and tools on. Just finished this guy, first time doing some painting (not counting clear coat)

d8570 No.1731

That's quite meticulous work you've put there, did the materials cost you a lot?

f7073 No.1732

The kits themselves vary widely, OP pic was $150 whereas that last one was $10. Though, to be fair, that last one is 4 inches vs the first at a foot. As for supplies, I got most of them in a predone set for $10, but I've had to replace a couple things, for incredibly cheap though. Paint was like a dollar, and markers for lining the panels was about the same.

All you really need for this hobby is a pair of sidecutters (very small wire cutters), an xacto, and a fine-tip black or gray pen for panels. It's not too expensive really.

0d24b No.1733

I'm not into Gunpla, but I am a merchfag so one of my grails is the biggest kit they put out that costs over a grand. You know the one.

f7073 No.1734

File: 1596685569769.png (1.11 MB, 800x800, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

wew lad which one?

I always wanted the HG Perfect Zeong

If you're wondering, no this isn't in scale. In fact, the kit on the right is 1/100th its actual size, whereas the Zeong is 1/144th. So the other kit should be even smaller in scale.

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