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File: 1587958031405.png (2.44 MB, 1602x907, 1602:907, Capture.PNG)

07035 No.1463

>go to insecam.org
>report back itt with interesting streams

ca074 No.1466

Nowadays you can just guess Zoom meeting ids.

07035 No.1470

>using zoom

ca074 No.1471

File: 1588479200708.jpg (173.48 KB, 1242x1394, 621:697, yes.jpg)

96924 No.1472

quote source?

07035 No.1475

the old testament

07035 No.1589


Japanese laundromat, strangely comfy

ca074 No.1590

"Peg's Office Cam"
It also looks like Yonkers left a comment on this feed.

ca074 No.1591

Some small sleeping creature. Maybe a guinea pig?

07035 No.1592

from the snout it looks like a small dog to me. Interesting finds!

You can also look for webcams yourself by googling intitle:"webcamXP 5" and clicking through results.


This one isn't very interesting on its own, but you can control the camera which is pretty cool

ca074 No.1593

It's weirdly fun to have that tiny bit of control.
I think you're right about it being a small dog. It looks like it has newborn puppies!

07035 No.1594

Shit that's cool

I used to have a stream of some penguins in a zoo, I'll dig through my bookmarks for it later. I've been fucking around with cams for years now.

a41f3 No.1595

Alright you lads have me interested in this now
I have no idea what this is and I feel like, if I watch this for long enough, someone's gonna get mugged on camera

a41f3 No.1596

File: 1592880110134.png (814.43 KB, 830x655, 166:131, ClipboardImage.png)

this one's interesting too

07035 No.1597

looks like maybe it's a construction site or something? fucking weird

a41f3 No.1598

I've watched it for about 20 minutes and nothing happened. I guess I should wait until its morning in belgium

a41f3 No.1599

theres some thing just floating on this one and i cant figure out if its a balloon or what

07035 No.1600

what the hell is that? weird
this is some black guy who streams his day to day life openly from what I can tell, he's not at his desk but it's still interesting

apparently there are a lot of people like that, they do this shit willingly.

07035 No.1601

a41f3 No.1602

I enjoy the lil knickknacks he has as well as what seems to be a tupperware container at the bottom. it's strangely comfy to see an absent desk and just look around. im certain some folks would find what's on my desk to be kinda intriguing too.
hm, i'm not seeing anything. i'll check back later. speaking of birds, evidently >>1595 is a public stream of a bird nest.

fca4c No.1603

has anyone ever gone to one of the public webcams in real life and left a message? looks like a fun challenge

ca074 No.1604

File: 1592933816435.gif (1.66 MB, 540x603, 60:67, rainy_cyberpunk.gif)

omg I saw a duck swimming across the river
I like his fidget spinner collection. Maybe we should contact him on youtube and get him to put a cool screensaver on.
feed was out for me

07035 No.1605

They may have gone somewhere else off camera, or maybe you checked at a weird time. Japan has a weird timezone, I spotted them at around 12 EST.

I've always wanted to go to one of the places I watch regularly. I tend to watch a laundromat a lot because idk, it's comfy just knowing no matter what's going on in your life, some Japanese lady has no idea and is washing her clothes without a care in the world. It's a weird thing, but I'd kill to go to the place just because I've got a weird nostalgia for it now.

This thread has gotten really comfy, I'm gonna keep checking for interesting feeds.

07035 No.1606

a41f3 No.1607

>It's a weird thing, but I'd kill to go to the place just because I've got a weird nostalgia for it now.
There's a laundromat in my hometown that I used to always go to as a kid. There was a time crisis machine there I'd play all the time while my grandma did the laundry. Laundromats carry a weird sense of nostalgia for me as well.

a41f3 No.1608

>Maybe we should contact him on youtube and get him to put a cool screensaver on.
We probably could, though I'm not sure how he'd feel about that. Then again, if he's willingly inviting people to look at his desk, you never know.

This is in the suburb I currently live in. I honestly can't say I have any idea where the hell this is, but it looks vaguely familiar. Maybe I've driven past the area a few times and just never noticed. I'll have to see where it is, maybe I can sneak in at night and leave a message

07035 No.1609

That's kinda cool. Sadly the only cameras in my city have been blurry home doorbell cameras, nothing too interesting and obviously not somewhere I'd want to go.

I feel bad when I find like people's homes and shit, I don't watch that stuff. But no remorse for businesses/public shit, someone got paid to configure it and didn't do their job so it's really my problem

a41f3 No.1610

I'm currently trying to find out if it's a public place or private property, cause if it's private property I should really just leave it alone. There's a security camera in a business I know of downtown but it'd just be in poor taste to disturb the owner's daily routine.

07035 No.1611

Yeah ofc, that's just common decency.

I gotta admit it's sort of comforting to see the world basically going as normal in some places kek

ca074 No.1613

Nice. Considering how flat Illinois is, it doesn't seem like a giant wind turbine has many places to hide.
I found a construction site within driving distance of me and was able to pinpoint it with the buildings in the background. I doubt they would like trespassers, but everything there is temporary so leaving a message can't hurt https://www.insecam.org/en/view/752414/

If it's this easy for the public to peer into private homes, just imagine how easy it is for the government

a41f3 No.1614

>it doesn't seem like a giant wind turbine has many places to hide
You'd be surprised, I'm having difficulty finding it on google maps and the latitude & longitude just takes me to a cupcake shop. It might be private property anyway, I haven't seen anyone on camera. At least the scenery's nice
>I doubt they would like trespassers
That never stopped Plague Doctor, but then again he was a bit of an underage retard so maybe you're better off not venturing there.

07035 No.1615

Ah shit, well if you ever do, post here beforehand so we can see kek

07035 No.1618


some sort of garden I think? Fully controllable, can look up/down/left/right

07035 No.1619

after 360ing a couple times, it's a building deep in some woods, the hell? the range of motion on this cam is super fucking good, too, you can look all over.

07035 No.1620


I think these are telescopes or something. This is from the university of texas

ca074 No.1621

I like this one a lot.

plecostimous fish tank!

07035 No.1622

shit, they took it down. Must've noticed the camera was in a weird spot and checked the logs or something.

Also nice!

e24f7 No.1677

I was moving this one around when someone else was on and they closed the feed one me.

This one of a Japanese shrine is really pretty. I wish I could visit.

US-Mexico Border Cam

The whole site http://www.opentopia.com is another good webcam finder.

c0635 No.1678

Hmm, this can be a fun past-time when you're bored.

07035 No.1679

Oh yeah it's very fun. There are certain terms you can search on google to find your own too I can share.

I do recommend if you're connecting to a direct feed (not opentopia or insecam), you should probably use a VPN. Even just the one in opera browser, it's free. Camera software logs IPs

then again I doubt it's really a big deal, probably just being paranoid. This is perfectly legal after all.

c0635 No.1682

Got anymore specific ones?

a41f3 No.1700

Alright I finally found out where that camera was, and unfortunately it is private property. I'm not keen on breaking in just for the sake of a small imageboard.
This one's pretty comfy too if you ask me, something about just watching the cars drive by is nice

07035 No.1701

damn, how dare you not trespass for us. never gonna be forgiven.

25857 No.2144

I am looking at shit in mexico and there is a family going into a big pool, but there is this creepy guy who keeps on staring at these people while touching his genitals

d2d30 No.2146

link? the fuck?

e24f7 No.2154

>this creepy guy who keeps on staring at these people while touching his genitals

7b89b No.2159

ef0d4 No.2160

y'all should probably use a vpn when directly connecting to the cameras via their IP, since they keep logs. if you're nowhere near the area it's in though I doubt they'd do jack shit

ef0d4 No.2161

Is this some sort of house? I mean, it's not inside the house itself so whatever I guess, sort of weird though

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