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Check out the new logos on the homepage! They randomize.

File: 1586369695552.jpg (17.42 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 1560812842647.jpg)

050c6 No.1334[Reply]

pls no ban
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be9c2 No.1354


050c6 No.1355


be9c2 No.1410

A fucking BURGER is me.

d0b5e No.1963

Ok no ban.

3b2bb No.2770

I am German. Our language sure is funny but I dont think we smell.

File: 1614792171540.jpg (98.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, FIGHTNOFFDAVIETCOOONG.jpg)

7c8b2 No.2725[Reply]

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c0cd0 No.2734

omg weeb shitters(PLEASE BE WARNED: THIS USER IS BELGIAN!!!!!!)

231b6 No.2737

File: 1615085114940.jpg (107.6 KB, 542x573, 542:573, 1591204562095.jpg)


7c8b2 No.2741

augh, gross, a belgian

c17ed No.2745

Belgium isn't even a real country.

be643 No.2746

File: 1615303701552.png (252.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Well then, by that logic it's totally fine to invade them.

54a5c No.2611[Reply]

i'll suck your dick if you make me not have to do the captchas anymore please. i'm not a bot i'm just retarded and can't figure out which ones are traffic lights. contact me for a meetup spot for the blowie
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3f252 No.2713

>can't figure out which ones are traffic lights
google recaptcha is weird. there are times when i'm sure that i've clicked on all the traffic lights, but i'm never certain if i should click on the outside housing of the traffic light if it bleeds into another square. then i wonder if i failed because i should only be clicking on the square with the illuminated traffic light and not the housing, but i don't know what the traffic light housing would be other then part of the traffic light. so, if google is using recaptchas to train ai for navigation, i fear that the future will be full of robot trucks and drones constantly clipping traffic light housings because they don't think those are traffic lights. then they proceed to mow down pedestrians three blocks away because even though that crosswalk is pixelated to nothingness at the image's vanishing point, it surely should be there and should have been clicked on, but the recaptcha didn't seem to care in that case.

2d18b No.2716


d0bf7 No.2717


post the hand

54a5c No.2724


c2b4b No.2739

if there traffic light in image, click that square even if little bit.

recaptcha is made to help ai image object recognition, keep that in mind, so when it asks you to do things like click bicycles or traffic lights it's basically getting a human to look at images it's had some minor trouble telling what it is to confirm what it thinks it is.

File: 1614633552197.png (285.69 KB, 377x624, 29:48, ClipboardImage.png)

2d98d No.2718[Reply]

I found a little something in an old SSD–a prototype of the logo! This was from when the site was made but not yet branded in any sort of way. It was simply just a tinyboard testbed of sorts and I was fucking around doodling.

As you can tell, there were quite a few changes, but I still think this one's sorta cute. But I much prefer our smaller, pudgier Grim.
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2d98d No.2720

Ha, yeah. I noticed that it didn't scale too well on the front page and hence I went back to the drawing board. Before that, it was a royalty free image of some chibi grim reaper thing.

78eea No.2722

>this Grim needs a sandwich
anorexic grim is a cute. saved.

2d98d No.2723

File: 1614750938201.png (20.73 KB, 220x591, 220:591, protogrim.png)


Here, I went ahead and traced it properly too, if you like

847aa No.2728

File: 1614807008070.gif (531.57 KB, 377x624, 29:48, grim.gif)

i like them both

2d98d No.2729

oh hey, that's pretty neat

File: 1602969897017.png (154.84 KB, 389x381, 389:381, MAIPAIN.png)

ca04b No.2132[Reply]

she cry
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33548 No.2702

salt water is yummy

00faa No.2703

you ever just drink the pickle jar brine?

e35bf No.2704

File: 1613757707909.gif (2.58 MB, 498x270, 83:45, pickles.gif)

>bottle her tears
>drink the pickle jar brine
If you combine the two it makes for an interesting cocktail.

0a5d6 No.2705

>make pickles via tears
>discard pickles, drink brine
this is a viable business idea.

808e5 No.2707

i've definitely heard worse ideas.

File: 1612370982172.jpg (18.7 KB, 474x266, 237:133, akariinnnnnn.jpg)

df2dc No.2676[Reply]

Good morning /b/ros, how're you holding up?
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8364b No.2682

File: 1612563803319.jpg (183.06 KB, 462x482, 231:241, aae7b3948ec4278b078fdc1980….jpg)

You ever wonder how the pros manage to be… pros? At what point does the student know their work is good enough to survive at the top level?
How did everything turn out?

c3c8e No.2686

I realized I didn't need to read that entire book to do the assignment. It was a book "review" rather than a report, just meant to go over the strengths/weaknesses of the text with examples. Once I realized this, the assignment took an hour at worst.

As for the rest it was tedious but doable. I am tired but alive.

8364b No.2691

>I realized I didn't need to read that entire book
Classic. I you get a bit of rest this weekend.

789f7 No.2692

When you can get paid for it by other pros while having some control over what you're paid.

df2dc No.2697

They just don't stop

File: 1611265187813.webm (61.6 KB, 480x328, 60:41, unity.webm)

b287e No.2649[Reply]

hi unity

26961 No.2650

The CIA is coming to kidnap Unity to be a janny for America.

43c14 No.2651

File: 1611275339469.jpg (56.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, avatars-000663191249-arhkq….jpg)

Sorry Joe, I vote third party

Now please, stop sniffing my hair, people will see uwu

bfc60 No.2653

In Unity, there is strength.

6ec72 No.2654


File: 1574732867241.jpeg (18.84 KB, 149x250, 149:250, 72C25684-719E-4AC1-B7AD-B….jpeg)

a7210 No.518[Reply]

I have come here from bant
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b3ee3 No.1474

b0d49 No.2642

Is the /bant/base on this site still active?

8d1d4 No.2644

there are some /bant/ people here yeah

9a466 No.2646

File: 1611072280544.jpeg (282.09 KB, 981x1387, 981:1387, 40f615b6963ff92a39e94854f….jpeg)

Indeed, but there aren't as many as there were before. Probably wouldn't even notice, frankly.

8d1d4 No.2647

this place is dead as hell anyway

but a comfy sort of dead

File: 1610977451065.png (38.47 KB, 1196x509, 1196:509, Operation Cut Alexs Balls.png)

825eb No.2635[Reply]

okay, /b/ this guy alex the rambler is going to do a video where he dresses in a maid outfit if he reaches 400k by June.

Let's do this
Link to his channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvB0kD6-i5wmZWmj0p3KWCw

No, fuck off. Love, the Admin <3

0d44c No.2636

this is depressing. of all places to shill your channel, why here?

d8a18 No.2637

we can't affect this.this is a tiny image bord fuck off.

File: 1607339095583.jpg (660.09 KB, 1944x2592, 3:4, 16073390463122104218373.jpg)

4557d No.2544[Reply]

cotton candy faygo is getting fixed soon
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2d28d No.2567

>thought he being punished
yes, that was the look he gave
wishing that little pisser a speedy recovery :^)

dbc49 No.2575

File: 1608445468381.webm (1.11 MB, 720x900, 4:5, the_crew.webm)

Yo is this Cotton Candy Faygo and da crew?

55d0e No.2595

Are you one of them juggalos?

e659c No.2603

nah insane clown posse is shit i've never even had faygo before

e659c No.2610

she had a bladder infection. now i medicate her twice a day and she has stopped pissing on my bed

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