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Board Changes — by Unity at 12/01/19 (Sun) 17:25:15

A couple changes were made to boards today.

The /m/ board was removed, as it was essentially dead. If anyone's that crazy about having an /m/, feel free to make a general on /b/.

A new board was added, /z/. Someone suggested a board that changes every so often and I liked the idea. You can suggest your board ideas in the sticky, and tomorrow I'll make a poll.

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving, and thanks for stopping by.

New Trial Board Added - /uw/ — by Unity at 11/22/19 (Fri) 21:30:46

Initially I made /uw/ as a joke, but as of now it seems to be our most active board. I'm pretty surprised at this, but if there's one thing this site's good at, it's filling niches. We're still taking trial board submissions in /reap/, feel free to suggest your idea and if it seems promising we'll try our best to fulfill your wish! Thank you all for supporting the site.

Day 1 of Grimchan 2.0 — by Unity at 11/17/19 (Sun) 19:25:08

Yesterday, Grimchan 2 electric boogaloo was brought online. After only 24 hours, the place is starting to shape into a community again. In just that little amount of time, we've got new memes, new posts, and new friends. The place is starting to feel even better than back last year.

I'm mostly making this news post to thank the people that embraced this place and posted to it, shared it, and suggested new ideas for it. It makes me beyond happy to see something I've made be worth posting to.

I guess there's only one thing left to say…

Ritsuko is true best girl, Reifags and Asukafags btfo

The Boys Are Back In Town! — by Unity at 11/15/19 (Fri) 18:01:40

Well everyone (all ~3 of you), we're back! After losing both the server (thanks Alpharacks) and the backups, Grimchan is back on the web. It's been a hard few months, but this place isn't ready to die just yet.

We're overhauling things a little bit. Expect some new boards and a design overhaul in regards to static pages. The w1cca CSS (thanks again, illu) is not going anywhere anytime soon, though.

I'd just like to thank all the people who made this place possible, again. Without the help of dddudeman, this server would still be a mess. And thanks to illu, this place doesn't look like complete ass, nor is it held together with duct tape.

I'd just like to say that I'm glad to have this place back. I missed it beyond words. I hope I can be a part of something even better than the first iteration. So grab your swanky whiskey glasses, pour your favourite single malt, and let's have a toast to Grimchan 2.0!