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the spookiest imageboard on the internet!

A couple changes — by Unity at 04/22/21 (Thu) 04:50:28

As I noted a couple news entries ago, I planned to change things up a little/add some features/fix some bugs.

In case you people are curious, I've:

- Updated the homepage logo. It's now using a script which rotates a few doodles I made.
- Remade the static pages so that they have a proper board-list on top.
- Added supported file-types and text formatting options to the FAQ page.

Anyway, I'll be continuing to mess around with the site (see:breaking stuff) for the next little while.

I'm Fucking Stupid and Can't Count Properly — by Unity at 04/13/21 (Tue) 06:59:19

We're 3 years old, not 2.

I just checked properly.

You all have permission to make fun of me.

Happy Belated Birthday, Grimchan! — by Unity at 04/12/21 (Mon) 03:30:11

The 10th was Grimchan's 2nd birthday, officially. I don't actually know the official date the server went on anymore–I just go off the domain bill.

Anywho, I just wanted to thank everyone for visiting and posting. It means a lot to see what was initially just an experimental website for me actually flourish somewhat. I mostly made Grimchan because of the fact that I'd been volunteering at various imageboards for years, and wanted to try some different ideas I'd had along the way. I didn't actually expect people to use the place.
I plan to keep the server running as long as I humanly can. I should mention that Covid fucked me out of a job, so it's been a bit of a struggle keeping the lights on compared to the previous year. But even so, I'd miss a day of tendies to pay for you idiots any day.

It's funny to think about the wild ride this place has gone through over the years. We've had three separate servers now, two of which tried to take our money and run.
(for the full info on this, you can check the FAQ). We've had a /bant/ invasion that skyrocketed the site's userbase, and then an ad which gave us our peak in monthly visitors to date. It's just surreal, how many ups and downs there have been for this little corner of the internet.

Anyway, this is getting ridiculously long. I apologize. I should probably touch on site updates.
- First off, I plan to tweak the FAQ with some extra info on file-types and formatting, as per user request. I also aim to add more proper text formatting in posts.
- The w1cca theme probably won't change at all.
- The captcha will remain, as even with it, spam has been a major issue of the site.
- We may open another moderator slot; not sure about this yet.
- Boards may be tweaked a little. I'm looking at you, /s/.
Some minor bug fixes may also occur, but I doubt it's of much interest to the average user.
- A donation (BTC) button may be added someplace.
Reminder you guys can also suggest changes/improvements in /reap/.

Anyway, to wrap up, thanks for two years. I love you idiots.

- Unity

Explaining the Unexpected Downtime This Morning — by Unity at 04/07/21 (Wed) 20:09:25

Hi, everyone.

As some of you may haven noticed, the site was unreachable for a few hours this morning. This is because I'm a fucking idiot and forgot to pay the domain bill, nothing was actually wrong with the site. It's all paid for now, and it took a few hours to re-link with the server for whatever reason. We're all good now. Both the server and domain bill are now paid and good to go.

Mobile Theme Improvements — by Unity at 11/10/20 (Tue) 21:18:18

Hi everyone. Thanks to illu, the site functions/looks much better on mobile devices than it did previously. Many people have suggested changes to the mobile css, and now it should be a much better user experience.

Happy Halloween! — by Unity at 10/30/20 (Fri) 20:34:51

Halloween will soon be upon us, and as a spooky-themed website, we're obligated to do something special! Here's a theme I made some modifications to, hope you enjoy it! For those who don't want a massive dancing skeleton taking up a third of their screen, simply scroll to the bottom of any board (NOT grim/all), and select w1cca from the style menu.

Happy Halloween you dumb fucks.

Welcome to new visitors! — by Unity at 10/12/20 (Mon) 19:24:53

For the regulars who are confused, I recently commissioned an ad from Simian Jimmy (Mumkey Jones), hence the influx of users. Be sure to give everyone a warm Grimchan welcome, and don't spill your spaghetti like usual.

Captcha enabled — by Unity at 10/08/20 (Thu) 00:28:40

Hey everyone. After speaking to a few users, I have decided to enable a captcha. This is mainly due to an increase in spam as well as the small size of the staff. I can understand how annoying this must be, but I'd rather that than have users see something disgusting. Thanks for continuing to support the site, I greatly appreciate it.


New Trial Board Added - /vr/ - Video Games/Random — by Unity at 08/29/20 (Sat) 18:07:58

In a rather "random" turn of events (please laugh at that pun, I beg of you), I decided to add a new trial board to the site. If it is well received and has steady content, I will keep it around.

IDs Added to /b/ — by Unity at 06/05/20 (Fri) 00:27:55

After a bit of downtime, we were able to get IDs enabled on /b/. Special thanks to illu for putting up with the absolute batshit craziness the server was giving us for whatever reason. Now you guys can roll for kot ID

1 year of Grimchan — by Unity at 04/10/20 (Fri) 16:25:22

According to the bill for the domain, Grimchan was founded 1 year ago. We've gone through a lot. Grimchan started as a hobby project of mine, where I hoped someone might get some enjoyment out of the place. We've gone down twice thanks to external circumstances, but, despite the name, Grimchan never stayed dead for long.

I want to thank all the users of this website for making it the place it is today. Many of you are new, a couple of you are old, but you're all equally appreciated to me, as well as the rest of the mod team. This place has grown into something I am incredibly proud of, and the kind words I have received make me incredibly honoured to have founded this place.

Here's to another year.

New Survey Released! — by Unity at 04/05/20 (Sun) 00:36:48

The annual Grimchan census is now online over on /reap/. It will be available to complete until midnight of April 11th. I really encourage users to do so, it's rather short and will help make this place better.

Thank you for the help.

New Board Added - /s/ - Stream of Consciousness — by Unity at 03/20/20 (Fri) 20:14:51

In an attempt to give people a break from constant shitposts, /s/ is basically a board where you talk about whatever the hell you want in a more serious tone. Tell people your troubles, what's going on in your life, or your interests/hobbies!

Shitposting isn't against the rules or anything, I just discourage it because it'd be nice to have a more serious board. But if you must shitpost feel free.

Thanks again for coming along for the ride.

Here We Go Again — by Unity at 03/04/20 (Wed) 22:49:15

Grimchan refuses to die, ironically enough. Welcome all to the third iteration of this stubborn site. This time we actually backed everything up.

For those wondering, we got a strange email from our VPS saying they were shutting down, without context or reason. We had just enough time to save all your terrible posts and get ourselves a well-fought refund. Now we're going with a more local server setup that's been going strong for quite a while; we're much less worried about random shutdowns now.

As for the site, once again some minor changes–mostly to boards–will be rolled out soon. Thanks everyone for patiently waiting, it's appreciated. Here's to Grimchan 3.0!

Board Changes — by Unity at 12/01/19 (Sun) 17:25:15

A couple changes were made to boards today.

The /m/ board was removed, as it was essentially dead. If anyone's that crazy about having an /m/, feel free to make a general on /b/.

A new board was added, /z/. Someone suggested a board that changes every so often and I liked the idea. You can suggest your board ideas in the sticky, and tomorrow I'll make a poll.

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving, and thanks for stopping by.

The Boys Are Back In Town! — by Unity at 11/15/19 (Fri) 18:01:40

Well everyone (all ~3 of you), we're back! After losing both the server (thanks Alpharacks) and the backups, Grimchan is back on the web. It's been a hard few months, but this place isn't ready to die just yet.

We're overhauling things a little bit. Expect some new boards and a design overhaul in regards to static pages. The w1cca CSS (thanks again, illu) is not going anywhere anytime soon, though.

I'd just like to thank all the people who made this place possible, again. Without the help of dddudeman, this server would still be a mess. And thanks to illu, this place doesn't look like complete ass, nor is it held together with duct tape.

I'd just like to say that I'm glad to have this place back. I missed it beyond words. I hope I can be a part of something even better than the first iteration. So grab your swanky whiskey glasses, pour your favourite single malt, and let's have a toast to Grimchan 2.0!